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 Ibm Ts3200 Study Works Seamlessly With Lto-3, Lto-4, And even Lto-5 Ultrium Tape Years.

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Ibm Ts3200 Study Works Seamlessly With Lto-3, Lto-4, And even Lto-5 Ultrium Tape Years. Empty
PostSubject: Ibm Ts3200 Study Works Seamlessly With Lto-3, Lto-4, And even Lto-5 Ultrium Tape Years.   Ibm Ts3200 Study Works Seamlessly With Lto-3, Lto-4, And even Lto-5 Ultrium Tape Years. I_icon_minitimeFri Oct 14, 2011 2:04 pm

The 21st century business environment has grown more interconnected and collaborative. The backup storage needs are increasing within a rapid rate, and the retention laws force the particular organizations to store most of the business records and documents for longer time trips. The I. T managers be required to store & archive data efficiently, and satisfy the rigid compliance requirements for their tight IT budgets.

IBM comes with the right solution for your rapidly growing needs. IBM has much more than 50 years of computer saavy experience and industry knowledge in backup media hard drive. IBM is proud to help introduce ultra-high capacity TS3200 tape library that is perfectly for small to mid-range organisations. The tape library creates a staggering recording capacity regarding 144 TB (compressed). It functionally-rich IBM TS3200 assortment incorporates the LTO ultrium products. In addition to LTO-4 and LTO-3 tape generations, the IBM TS3200 library also supports modern generation LTO 5 ultrium mp3. Now you can efficiently meet your tough small business continuity and backup hard drive challenges with highly cheap TS3200 tape library.

IBM LTO backup tapes are highly robust allowing it to withstand the stress connected with heavy workloads and recurring load/unload cycles. Two full-height and four half-height drives will be integrated into TS3200 library. The cartridge slots have been completely increased up to forty eight. The LTO ultrium tapes will be easily configured into four cartridge magazines. Each cartridge magazine can house close to 24 LTO backup tapes. IBM TS3200 library provides most dramatic savings on energy and maintenance prices than competing tape your local library. The TS3200 library is amazingly space-efficient, and can be easily integrated into a 4U rack-mount. It has been built tough to make long term reliability better value per GB.

LTO ultrium tape format remain unrivaled when considering reliability, capacity and safe-keeping efficiency. Its advantageous media interoperability as well as exceptional compatibility with important backup applications and systems plays a vital role in ensuring lasting investment protection. The customers can make the most of this open tape standard by interchanging LTO press among different brands connected with LTO ultrium tape propels. Foremost brands of LTO usually are Fuji, Dell, Sony, Imation, Verbatim, HORSEPOWER, Quantum and TDK.

Several popular LTO-5, LTO-4 and LTO-3 tapes have been completely mentioned below for the actual readers? convenience:

46X1290, IBM LTO 5 ultrium strapping
16008030, Fuji LTO-5 strapping
LTX800G, Sony LTO4 strapping
341-4640, Dell LTO4 ultrium strapping
C7973a, HP LTO 3 strapping
183900, Maxell LTO3 copied tape
MR-L3MQN-01, Quantum LTO 3 strapping

IBM TS3200 library originates standard with time-saving universal remote management functionality. This wonderful feature enables the IT managers to remotely access the library via world wide web interface, thus providing the purchasers greater administrative control. Considering the incorporation of bar-code audience, the library can correctly perform its storage & retrieval operations in either non-selected or sequential mode. Huge competitors of LTO data format are AIT, SLR-MLR, DLT, VXA, RDX cartridge, SDLT and even Travan tape technologies.

TS3200 library will be confidently installed in a broader selection of open systems specifically throughout IBM抯 System x in addition to Power Systems. Powerful attributes and cutting-edge why people love IBM TS3200 library assist the users to treat their backup demands on the best price. When bought IBM-branded products, you抮e at your residence wise decision. Product and software names mentioned throughout this particular blog post are trademarks and are sole property of these owners.
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Ibm Ts3200 Study Works Seamlessly With Lto-3, Lto-4, And even Lto-5 Ultrium Tape Years.
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