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 5 Things Banks Don't Inform you of ID Theft.

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5 Things Banks Don't Inform you of ID Theft. Empty
PostSubject: 5 Things Banks Don't Inform you of ID Theft.   5 Things Banks Don't Inform you of ID Theft. I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 16, 2011 3:43 pm

Banks and Creditors say they protect most people from ID Theft. However what they just don't tell you is the fact that in 72% of ID Theft situations they can't protect you. I want to verify you know about the 5 things they can't tell you, so that you could protect yourself and your loved ones because I know that ID Theft may well steal your family's secureness. 1. Drivers License Identification: This is your drivers license number and also the record connected to the application. If someone gives an individual's drivers license number towards police when they obtain a DUI/DWI and fail to look in court, will your bank inform you about? NO! You find out on Saturday evening when driving to the movies utilizing your family. The police stop you because probably your brake lights is out, and you go to jail. 2. Social Reliability Identity: This is your Social Security Number as well as your identity in many spots. If someone uses your own SSN to secure employment and isn't going to pay the taxes, will the us government go after them for the purpose of back taxes? Will your ID Theft protection for the bank cover that? NOT ANY! Social Security ID Theft is usually a huge problem, but the costa rica government doesn't want to fix it. Why would they fix problems that essentially fixes another problem for your kids? An average of 34 people pay taxes relating to each SSN, the SSA only pays out to one person each time. 3. Medical Information Bureau Identity: If you demand hospital unconscious, this form of USERNAME information is used to offer you the help you demand. If someone uses your data to get an FACILITATES test so their medical benefits defintely won't be dropped, will your bank go to your rescue? NO! Why don't you consider when your benefits are actually dropped because 'you' possess a positive AIDS test? 5. Character Identity: This is usually the good name! It is better known as your Criminal Identity. A teacher in Sarasota had her identity compromised when her purse was stolen by way of prostitute. When it came the perfect time to renew her teaching drivers license, the school district refused the renewal. Why? They wouldn't allow a prostitute to cooperate with children. Would your ID Theft protection for the bank protect your good name at a similar case? NO! 5. Financial/Credit Individuality: This is what your banks and charge cards say they protect. What they just don't tell you is that based on FTC regulations, you must report ID Theft with the creditor within 60 days and nights... whether you received the bills or not! The person doesn't find out he's a victim for eighteen months!!! If you can't report the ID Break-ins within 60 days... YOUR DEBT IS THE MONEY!!!! If you've Liability insurance through a homeowners policy, it doesn't cover ID Theft losing trades. How well does your bank compare to the cold challenging facts of ID Damage? The call to action for you is to be sure that you get something in palce to protect yourself and your friends and family.
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5 Things Banks Don't Inform you of ID Theft.
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