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 Try A Usb Keylogger, Protect The Kids On The Net

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Try A Usb Keylogger, Protect The Kids On The Net Empty
PostSubject: Try A Usb Keylogger, Protect The Kids On The Net   Try A Usb Keylogger, Protect The Kids On The Net I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2011 5:25 pm

The Big Brother PC Monitor manufactured by ThumbsUP Uk is a new USB KeyLogger, an updated and rebranded version of the well known Spy Cobra.

A USB KeyLogger defines a device which can record keys pressed by a user, the resulting saved data is then written to text/html files on the pc.
The data can be retrieved by a third party at a later date.
Big Brother PC Monitor
Hardware KeyLoggers versus Software KeyLoggers
Two types of KeyLogger are available, the software keylogger and the hardware keylogger. The main difference between the two being that a Hardware KeyLogger requires a piece of hardware to be fitted between the keyboard and the computer, it makes use of signals passed from keyboard to pc (generated by keys pressed by the user).

Software USB KeyLoggers do not depend on such a device as the software itself is competent at recording keys pressed. The Big Brother PC Monitor is within the software keylogging category.
It has extra features in addition to its keypress recording ability, it will also generate screenshots. Such screenshots can be taken at specified intervals of time or can be configured so that a screenshot will be captured when certain phrases are input. E.g when your child inputs words such as 慸rugs?抯ex?it will instantly grab a screenshot to show what the child is viewing!

Covert Logging
The Big Brother PC Monitor USB KeyLogger is completely undetectable! It can run in the background of the target pc without the person becoming aware that their internet activities are being logged.
Tested with the latest AntiVirus tools!
Its also completely undetected by all the latest Anti-virus and Anti-Spyware tools

揂 security net for kids?br />

In effect The Big Brother PC Monitor is a security device for children surfing the web. Parents can now keep control of their kids web surfing activities. Log any sneaky messenger conversations that may occur between your child and his/her friends, if they are talking to a person you would rather they didn抰, you can find out about it!
The screenshot grabbing feature of the tool is ideal for keeping tabs on websites visited and any unwelcome content your child may be viewing.
Installation is as easy as inserting the Big Brother PC Monitor into the usb connection of your childs pc and running the administrator tool.
To configure, simply connect the USB Stick to the pc and open the administrator tool
On running the Admin tool and clicking 慽nstall BIG BROTHER?
In a few seconds the software will be installed and will proceed to begin monitoring keystrokes

You can further setup the Big Brother PC Monitor to capture screens at certain intervals, or add a list of keywords for which you would like to trigger the capture of screenshots.
Output Data
Saved Information can be retrieved by connecting the Big Brother PC Monitor to the computer, then click 慚ove Saved Data?to save the information on the Big Brother PC Monitor.
Then you may take your USB KeyLogger away if you need to to view the information on a different pc. Just choose 慚ove data to PC?then pick a directory.

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Try A Usb Keylogger, Protect The Kids On The Net
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