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 Imp500 Iphone Battery Pack Makes A Hit In The Us Market

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Imp500 Iphone Battery Pack Makes A Hit In The Us Market Empty
PostSubject: Imp500 Iphone Battery Pack Makes A Hit In The Us Market   Imp500 Iphone Battery Pack Makes A Hit In The Us Market I_icon_minitimeSun Nov 13, 2011 4:30 pm

The Proof of the Pudding匢MP500 makes a hit in the US market

All the marketing efforts in the world can never be a lasting substitute for a good product and service. Of course, good products need exposure, how else will people know about it? But the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating. And the proof of any marketing claim is in the using.

The people behind IMaxPower抯 IMP500 lithium ion polymer (LIP) battery extender for IPhone take pride in the quality of the product as well as its after-sales service. The Newtrent Battery Pack IMP500 has a capacity of 5000mAh at 5V of power, which is on average 400% the capacity of standard batteries. This LIP battery cell weighs only 130g and is slightly smaller than an IPhone. There are lots of IPhone battery extender products out there; you just need to punch in 揑Phone battery extender?on your favorite search engine and you come up with millions of hits. So what does a normal consumer do to maximize the purchasing power of his hard-earned dollar? Why, he looks for reviews. The thing is, are they true?

Anyone who is in the least Internet savvy knows that you have to be careful about what you believe. Everyone from the mischievous to the downright dishonest makes use of the World Wide Web to get the job done, so the real nuggets of truth sometimes gets lost in the babble. With some effort, the following reviews for IMP500 passed muster in terms of credibility of the reviewer (they have a history of reviewing other unrelated items) and the ring of truth in the review.

D. Weichert wrote in July 1, 2009 that the IMP500 was a 揋reat product, but FABULOUS service.?This is with reference to the 損ersonal touch?with which IMaxPower responded to his issues.

James Orrahood of Henderson, Kentucky, however focused more on the product. He stated that 揑 purchased the IMP500 and I couldn抰 be happier?but urged that 揳merican [sic] companies need to take note of this product and come out with an even better product?alluding to the fact that the IMP500 is the brainchild of a reputable foreign manufacturer, although the distributing company is a US company. He muted his phrase by making a request that the already compact IMP500 become 搕hinner, smaller and that could hold the iphone and headset all in one attractive, protective case.?br />

Amazon buyer RedDev11 gives the product unstinting praise as he compares it to other brands 搑ight off the bat, simply because of the strength of this piece.?He likes the way that the IMP500 揷harges just about everything you can think of?and had even tried successfully to charge several gadgets at one time using a USB hub. His comment that 揟he only negative I can think of about this product, is that it only comes with an adapter for my iphone卆nd doesn抰 come with an ac plug?means he did not purchase the item direct from the IMaxPower website, which includes the AC adaptor free. Nevertheless he 搑ate(s) the imax 11 stars.?br />

Other reviews say pretty much the same things, and while most users are from the US, Australian users have nothing but high praise for the versatile IMP500. Good quality, after all, knows no nationality.

The IMP500 is a product of Newtrent, the world抯 leading manufacturer of the LIP battery pack that provides extended battery life for many of the more popular mobile electronic devices, including all models of the IPhone, IPod, Nintendo DS, Kindle and Blackberry smartphones. Newtrent also provides the batteries for many models of HP and Dell laptop computers.

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Imp500 Iphone Battery Pack Makes A Hit In The Us Market
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