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 Using Safestick To Protect Sensitive Data

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Using Safestick To Protect Sensitive Data Empty
PostSubject: Using Safestick To Protect Sensitive Data   Using Safestick To Protect Sensitive Data I_icon_minitimeWed Nov 09, 2011 5:25 pm

By now just about everyone who stores files on their computer is aware that the USB stick or 揻lash drive?is a great tool for handling data in an external hard drive. All along though, the use of these convenient devices has carried with them some inherent security shortcomings.

New Security in the SafeStick

However; in recent times new developments have led to new security solutions being made available in the form of password protection, anti-virus features, as well as encryption that now brings a new level of peace of mind for users of the SafeStick and other similar external hard drives.

A New Level of Risk Management Is Achieved

For instance, with the new SafeStick users can now perform scans on outside systems and enjoy the benefits of complete security regardless if the outside system contains its own effective anti-virus protection or not. The end result is complete assurance that the SafeStick can't be infected with any viruses as outside scans are being performed.

Just To Be On the Safe Side...

Even so, as a secondary form of anti-virus backup it is recommended that any flash drive be scanned as soon as it is plugged back into your computer, just to be on the safe side. In this way you can rest assure that any new virus that for some reason was able to bypass the encrypted flash drive will not infect your computer and damage its files.

Advice on Password Management

When it comes to passwords and the SafeStick or any other type of secure flash drive for that matter, it is highly advisable that you use password management software in the flash drive. Also it should also go without saying that any password manager should definitely be encrypted for basic security password security.

The Most Secure USB Sticks

Right now the most secure and overall safest USB sticks or flash drives on the market would be those such as the SafeStick that feature 揳dvanced encryption standard? It is at the present time universally recognized as the very latest technology in corporate grade standards and is often referred to as 揂ES? Currently you can simply do no better than this.

The Added Cost Is No Deterrent to the Growing Popularity of the SafeStick

As with so many other new technologies such as that that is contained in the SafeStick, for the time being you will have to pay a bit more to acquire it. However; this added cost has done nothing to detract from the ever increasing popularity of the SafeStick, as more security conscious computer users are continuing to switch to them.

A Few Final Thoughts on Implementing the Use of the SafeStick

On a final note: You may want to consider updating your firms policies regarding security when you first begin to introduce the SafeStick to avoid any problems that can occur due to transition. Also being that the use of any encrypted flash drives will mean more passwords being introduced, some type of password management data base is highly advisable.

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Using Safestick To Protect Sensitive Data
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